Writing in Style

I finally switched the site over to style sheets, and in the process, I finally figured out how to use CSS. Whoever it was that told me, a decade ago, that I should be doing this, they were absolutely right. This way is much better. The difference probably isn’t particularly visible to casual browsing, but it will definitely streamline any future updates I may make to the format, and also make it much easier to add new pages.

I also finally — FINALLY! — figured out how to embed fonts in the site, so that it will look the same in “any” browser. I put “any” in scare quotes because the browser has to be relatively recent, although there seems to be some disagreement on just how recent it has to be. Anyway, I haven’t quite decided whether to use this new superpower for good or evil on the whole site, or only where I want unusual characters to show up correctly. I’ll come to a decision soon.